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Texas Document Solutions provides software & workflow solutions compatible with all major brands including Canon, Sharp, Copystar, Ricoh, Konica, Kyocera, Toshiba, Xerox, HP, Lexmark, Brother, Savin, and Gestetner. The process starts with an analysis of the current document flow within your organization. We analyze the cost associated with hardcopy and electronic information as it is created, captured, manipulated and stored throughout your organization. In addition, we take a comprehensive look at information flowing in and out of your company paying special attention to the security concerns of confidential data and the requirement for an audit trail of all users and information.

PaperCut Overview

PaperCut Overview – Software & Workflow Solutions

PaperCut provides comprehensive software & workflow solutions to control and track all print, scan, fax, and copy activity throughout your organization. It is a simple to use software solution that integrates directly into the workflow to enable hassle free access to those users who are authorized to consume the assets of your company. Printing remains one of the largest expenses, next to labor, of most organizations today. What are you doing to measure and control the cost of print in your company?

Find Me Printing

Find Me Printing

Find Me Printing allows a user to access their print jobs from the most convenient device while limiting the chance of wasteful printing costs associated with hitting print before making final changes or by abandoning a complete print job at the printer. These are all hidden costs associated with print that most organization ignore. We provide a comprehensive and actionable plan to change behaviors inside your company and pass along the savings to you.



PaperCut allows your organization to focus on sustainability. With real-time reporting, your end-users will be aware of the environmental impact of printing. There are substantial savings associated with reduced usage and eliminating wasteful printing. PaperCut also provides real-time feedback to create awareness on changes in behavior affects both cost and the use of natural resources. For example, one such reminder may be to use two-sided printing for larger documents.

Mobile Printing

Mobile Printing

Mobile printing is becoming a huge concern of most organizations. We have several solutions that address the accessibility of printing and scanning while incorporating the security concerns that come along with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) inside of your network environment.

PSI Document Solution Architecture


Advanced Document Capture and Index

PSIcapture advanced document capture extracts data from all paper, email and electronic documents as an on-ramp to your accounting software, ERP, SharePoint, document management, case management, and other systems you use daily.

Workflow Automation & Bidirectional Migrations
PSIGEN workflow automation streamlines all document-intensive workflows—especially AP invoice processing and new employee onboarding—by automating the review and approval process.


Simple, Secure On-the-Go Document Management

PSIsafe document management software stores all of your documents, makes them searchable across all of your systems and automates retention scheduling so documents are kept for as long as required, then automatically purged.


Therefore Document Management

Let’s free your organization of paper and enable your business processes to flow electronically.  We offer a wide selection of tools to help capture, organize and manage your information.

Paper documents can be scanned and recognized using the Therefore™ Capture Client. Even large batches of documents can be easily imported and indexed using barcodes or Zonal OCR recognition for automatically capturing index data.

Perhaps you’d like to scan in your documents on an MFP and use the Therefore™ Capture Client to index and save them. No problem – simply save your scanned documents to a watched folder, where they will then be picked up and processed by the Therefore™ Capture Client.

For more complex scanning needs, such as automatic recognition of document types or even invoice suppliers, we support integrations with advanced scanning solutions by IRIS. We also have a connector for Kofax Capture.

Sit back, relax, and let Therefore™ take care of the work of classifying your documents!



uniFLOW is designed to save your organization time and money by providing effective controls over its entire printer and multifunction printer (MFP) and scanner fleet. With its modular design, the uniFLOW solution can scale to fit any size organization and can be customized to fit your organization’s specific needs.

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