change is hard

Why Change is Hard for Companies

We have all heard “change is hard” from our friends and family. It is true, change can be very difficult for even strong and confident people. Our brains are wired to protect us from hurt and pain. Our brains even have the ability to “edit” our memories of past events to make the lows feel better than they may have been at the point in time when we were experiencing the emotion first-hand. Operating a business is really no different than operating a family or marriage, we must deal with the logical portion of our brain and the emotional responses, at the same time, to make the best decisions possible. At Texas Document Solutions we understand that changing manufacturers or service providers may require dealing with the emotional effects of change within your business. We have highly skilled consultants to help guide your organization through the process and ensure successful results with a new, and better, relationship.

How do we Manage the Change Process?

The consulting process starts with a short conversation about the current office equipment and your relationship with the current service provider. We carefully evaluate the health of both the technology and the “care and feeding” required to keep the technology performing at the optimal levels. We explore the specific needs of each department along with the needs of individual users to understand the unique workflow within your organization. Once the needs analysis is complete, we create a change management plan for the project that includes specific technology and training. Providing a written plan, with actionable dates, ensures everyone is moving through the change process and understands the path we are traveling together throughout the change in our lives and business.

Change Can (and Should) Be a Positive Experience

As humans we tend to think of change as something that will require risk and pain, but with a well thought out plan and careful planning change can and will be a positive experience for companies that are looking for a long-term relationship with a partner that cares about their happiness. Change is good. Let us help your organization break away from a bad relationship with your old technology and show you a happier future!

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