ChromebookDo you want to convert your office to Chromebooks? Learn the best way to use Chromebook Printing & Scanning while eliminating the need to print through a local host or print server or overwhelm your email server with large file attachments.

Google Cloud Print

The Sharp Advanced Series devices allow direct connection to the Google Cloud Print system. This ensures direct printing from Chromebook devices and eliminates the need to setup, configure, and maintain expensive and cumbersome printer servers. In addition to Chromebooks, the new Sharp Advance Series also supports other popular mobile print services such as AirPrint, Mopria, and Android.

Google Drive – Direct Scanning

The Sharp Advance Color Series also provides a direct connection to Google Drive. By connecting directly to the cloud, the user authenticates with Google credentials and then transfers files directly into Google Drive and eliminates the need to store files locally or send large files via email.

Setup, Configuration, and MaintenanceChromebook Printing & Scanning

The final advantage of the Sharp Advance Color Series is the ease of setup, configuration, and maintenance of Chromebook Printing & Scanning via Google cloud printing and scanning ecosystem. Within a few minutes, our systems engineer integrates the device into your cloud and ensures all users are sharing in the benefits of direct printing and scanning. Chromebooks have many advantages. Sharp’s direct integration makes life easy and enjoyable when creating, printing, storing, retrieving, and scanning files. When combined with internal user accounts, we can even simplify login and password requirements that quickly grow out of control when accessing and using multiple cloud services. Our solutions make moving information fast, reliable, and efficient; technology making your office smarter.

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