Copier Rental – You’re in Charge

When you see Copier Rental – You’re in Charge it may not be immediately clear what it means to you and your business. This blog outlines the key aspects of choosing a copier rental provider and the benefits of renting locally.

copier rental

Choosing a Copier Rental Provider

When choosing a copier rental provider we recommend choosing a company with local field service capabilities with a proven record of rapid response to issues. With that said, it is also equally as important to choose a provider that is prepared to resolve issues on the first call. In our industry, we refer to this as First Call Effectiveness (FCE). FCE is a function of two key elements; technical competence and parts on hand. Texas Document Solutions invests countless hours of technical training and manufacturer certification to ensure our field engineers are effective, but being skilled without parts is like sending a highly skilled fireman to a house fire without water in the truck. For this reason, we stock both our fleet of service vehicles and our local parts depots with all of the parts required to keep your equipment running at its peak performance. Parts logistics is one of those key elements of great service!

Choosing a Device

We often hear potential new customers say “they are all the same”. While features and specifications all look similar today, we can assure you they do not all perform the same when putting them to the test. Something as simple as dual-scan document feeders can increase the device’s productivity and reliability by 100%. If you are moving your documents into the cloud, we will examine the connectors required and recommend the devices that best meet your current and future needs. It is no longer about “speeds & feeds” but more about how your technology will connect to the Internet of Things (IoT).

You’re in Charge!

The process does not end when the new technology is installed. Texas Document Solutions provides an ongoing communication process to ensure the technology continues to meet the ever-changing demands of your organization. That’s why Texas Document Solutions allows our customer to increase or decrease the technology and services. That’s what it means when we say “You’re in Charge!”

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