Copier Sales

As the world becomes more digital, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting everything to everybody, is it any surprise that one of the top Google search results for locating a local technology company is “Copier Sales”? This article explores why you get more than a copier when you rent, lease, or purchase your next copier from Texas Document Solutions.

The On-Ramp to the IoTCopier Sales

Scanning has advanced faster than any other part of the digital copier over the past few years. When selecting your next device, pay close attention to the scanner capacity and speed. Two recent trends in the industry are making scanning a lot more useful, reliable, and efficient. Improved reliability comes from Single Pass technology that captures both sides of a two-sided original in a single scan. Devices use two scan heads to capture both sides (images) in a single pass through the scanner unit.

Current devices scan up to 200-300 images per minute on even small entry-level devices. Scanners are leading the way to office efficiency. The second feature becoming common is adding full-color scanning to monochromatic (b/w) devices making the scanner more useful for capturing photos, color originals, and sharing the full impact of content in color.

The Off-Ramp to the IoT

With digital content exploding on a daily basis, it is becoming more important than ever before to have a device capable of producing finished products for local distribution. Rapid changes to products and specification have made printing large quantities of marketing materials on a printing press obsolete. In the IoT, device specifications change rapidly. Printing marketing materials and updated specification sheets requires a digital printing system capable of hitting specific colors, matching your logo perfectly, and making your products look great. You need covers, binding, and booklets: no problem!

We also see a trend in construction to distribute large format drawings as PDF files and expect companies to print locally. We have a “wide” selection of wide format printing systems that print up to 44″ wide and have scanning and capturing capabilities eliminating the need to drive across town to drop off and pick up drawing sets. Systems are very affordable and start saving time and money with only a few drawing per week.

More than Copier Sales

If you Google Copier Sales and expect to find a copier dealer, you will get more than you bargained for when it comes time to choose the perfect system to meet your ever-changing business needs. It will all start with a conversation about your business needs and end with a great partnership of technology and services to keep things moving smoothly for years to come. Contact Us to learn more!