Copier Workflow

Copier Workflow

What is copier workflow and why is it important to your company? Copier workflow is simply the ability to integrate the digital copier into your daily activities to remove redundant and time-consuming steps in your day-to-day copying, scanning, faxing, and printing tasks while reducing the chance for errors. In this post, we explore many of the most popular uses of copier workflow within business today.

Audit Trail

One of the most common copier workflow integrations is creating an audit trail of all activity. Audit trails are created by authenticating each person who uses the device and then records the information into a central database for future reference or reporting. Depending on your specific needs, this may be as simple as providing a web link to internal device logs. As your needs grow, so do our solutions.

Scan Integration – Copier Workflow

Scanning directly to back-end line-of-business (LOB) Applications eliminates the need to drop files into network folders or emailing them to yourself and clogging up your email server. We offer several plug-ins that integrated directly to many of the most popular LOB Applications. A simple integration may start with our connector to QuickBooks and grow into a fully integrated Document Management workflow process.

copier workflow control panel

In addition to LOB Applications, workflow integration also includes many of today’s most popular online storage services such as Microsoft OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, and Google Drive. Integration allows users to log in, store scanned documents, and print right from the control panel.

From a device management point of view, integration provides consistent security policies across all users without consuming valuable IT time and resources. 

Print Integration – Copier Workflow

Print integration into the copier workflow ecosystem provides additional benefits by reducing operating cost, adding advanced staple finishing and booklet making capabilities, and improving the “speeds and feeds” compared to desktop printing devices. When combined with the audit trail mentioned above, users are more productive and able to complete mission-critical jobs in the most cost-effective way. With today’s advanced color systems, outsourcing marketing materials is quickly becoming a thing of the past! Imagine producing high-quality, full-bleed color booklets, with the latest updated specs, right from your desktop. No delays in getting quotes. No delays in proofing. No delays in production. No more missed deadlines or high fees associated with rushing the job through the process.

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