If It Ain’t Broke – Document Management

There has been much talk regarding the “paperless” office environment and document management services over the past 15 years, yet many companies still have not taken steps towards an office that is void of paper. The thought behind this decision may be due to an attitude of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

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However, there are many reasons to consider moving forward such as; environmental sustainability, employee productivity, and decreased operating cost to name a few. Furthermore, without a well thought out plan and a trusted advisor, the journey can be a bit intimidating. Based on many years of experience the following are a few considerations that will make the journey much easier. Choose a professional services group/vendor that has a well-articulated discovery process with agreed upon dates for stage of completion. Just like building home with a set of plans, this process cannot move forward until predetermined benchmarks are met thus insuring a complete understanding of your firm’s current environment, processes and people so a basis for change can be established.

Change is a Process

Align your firm with a professional services group/vendor that has a portfolio of products/software choices versus a vendor who represents only a single choice. Software should not be positioned as “one-size fits all.” Other elements need to be taken into consideration with your company’s unique applications and needs…which is why we recommend partnering with a consultant who offers a thorough discovery process and has met with key individuals in your company, helping to develop the blueprint and later a scope of work tailored to your company’s desired state. Understanding your organization’s culture and your tolerance for change is also important. There are many business processes that are behind the scenes that clients don’t see or touch. Deploying a change agent strategy insures your employees are accepting and adapting to the change process. Finally, change can be in small steps. For example, maybe your company starts with Accounts Payable and streamlines a workflow for gathering backup to invoices that is paperless and automated for approvals and can keep management more productive. These are just a few considerations. The good news is all the software related products that affect business processes, document storage/retrieval and workflows have become more scalable to a company’s needs and are priced much more competitively than they were a decade ago. For additional information regarding document management services please reach out to Texas Document Solutions for a free evaluation and potentially a step forward. Texas Document Solutions – You’re in Charge!  

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