Simple Advice to Choose The Best Office Printers

Office Printers are often viewed as a necessary evil, but in this post, we offer some simple advice to help you choose the best device for your specific business needs.

The Need For Speed

One of the most obvious differences in office printers is the speed of the device. Speed has increased exponentially over the years to the point that almost all devices print faster than most desktop users require. It is common to see small desktop office printers operating at speeds above 50 pages per minute. With the higher speeds also come lower operating costs. You can learn more about the Hidden Cost of Printing in a related article.

Monochrome Versus Color

The second consideration is to establish the need for color versus monochrome (b/w). Color laser devices are very small, compact, and affordable but often operate at a higher cost per page when compared to a larger MFP color device. Make sure you need color on the desktop before adding color devices throughout the office. Tracking and reducing color is one of the largest opportunities for cost reduction when evaluating large fleets of office printers.

Heavy Media Support

Heavy media support is also a key consideration when choosing office printers. Printing onto heavy media may require the device to slow down or feed on a manual-feed tray. If your workflow requires high volumes of heavy media this may also require routing those specific print jobs to a more robust device designed for reliable feeding and printing.

Accessories For Office Printers

Finally, you may require additional paper sources for envelopes, letterheads, and specialty papers. Take a close look at the exact jobs the device is producing and design a system that does not require constant user interaction to swap paper sizes or media types. Several manufacturers, including HP, also offer in-line stapling functions to allow for completed documents ready for distribution.

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