3 Things to Know About Printer Repair

Eventually, everyone who owns a printer requires printer repair. Learn the three items to check or replace before placing your next service call for a problematic printer.

Printer Repair

Poor Print Quality – Light or Dark Areas

With most printers, the amount of toner attracted to the photoconductive drum controls print quality. Most printers combine the photoconductor with the toner making it a one-step process to change both items and return the print quality to an acceptable level. If your printer has a separate drum unit, check the estimated life of the unit to determine if it is near the end of life and require changing.

Offsetting and Debris on the Prints

Another common problem with the laser process is poor fusing. The fusing section heats the paper and toner to bond the print to the page. Belts or rollers heat and press the toner into the paper. When the surface of the belt or roller is damaged or worn the toner may stick to the surface and be transferred onto the paper on the next revolution. If you see a pattern of debris occurring down the page, this is often an indication of a worn or damaged fixing assembly. If the fixing assembly is sold as a supply item, it is often end-user replaceable with basic mechanical skills and hand tools making printer repair a quick and easy process.

Misfeeding and Jamming

The final area of concern is the ability to pass paper through the device. Most issues related to paper misfeeds occurs when a sheet is feeding into the printer. Most printers use a small rubber roller to push each sheet into the printer. There is also a second roller or fixed pad used to prevent the second sheet from advancing into the unit at the same time (double feeding). Again, if the roller kit is available as a supply item, printer repair is possible with basic skills and hand tools. In most cases, the feeding assemble requires disassembly and cleaning to replace all of the related components related to reliable paper feeding.


Before you Google Printer Repair San Antonio (or any location for that matter), you may want to try these three steps first to avoid the additional cost of printer repairs in your office. Contact Us to learn more.