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Printer Scanner Copier research can be time-consuming and confusing. This blog provides 4 Things to Know before you begin your research.

4 Things to Know about Printer Scanner Copier Research

First, as much as we want to pretend it is about the latest cool features and industry lingo, it really comes down to some fairly basic differences between brands. Do not let bells and whistles distract you away from choosing a product that meets your specific business needs.

Network Workflow Integration

If you require fast and easy access to a folder structure in your document management system, choose a product with a simple user interface that allows for fast navigation to your most important software. A quick stop by any demo room will allow you to evaluate the interface and see what makes you comfortable.

Total Cost of Ownership

Next, pay special attention to the cost of operation over the life of the unit. We discuss this topic in depth in our post titled Staples Near Me. The operating cost is over half of the total cost of ownership and can make a huge difference in the type of unit your business requires. Again, we recommend focusing on the total picture when evaluating the hardware, software, and supply costs associated with the operation.

Printer Scanner Copier Mobile Support

Printer Scanner Copier mobile support is quickly becoming one of the most useful features of the latest generation of products. Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and Android Mopria Alliance are just a few examples of how universal connectivity features are evolving into the smart office or tomorrow.

Fast – Reliable – Affordable – Local Service

Finally, choose a local company that offers network integration services along with ongoing hardware support should the device require preventative maintenance or repairs. We provide a detailed explanation of how to evaluate companies here. Ask other companies in your local area who they use. Ask for references to other customers using the exact same model as the one you are considering. Be specific with your questions related to how quickly technicians arrive after being notified of an issue. Great service companies build product advocates that want to share their positive experiences.

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