Texas Imaging Systems changed our name in 2012 during an expansion into Arizona and New Mexico. The new name, Texas Document Solutions reflects our focus on the document lifecycle inside of your business. As the document lifecycle evolves, so do our technology solutions. Texas Imaging Systems was a reflection of the transition from analog to digital. With the transition to digital came amazing advancements in features and reliability.

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Texas Document Solutions – Texas Imaging Systems

Document solutions is a much broader description of our technology advancements and now includes the ability to scan and archive information into local and cloud systems and later access, manipulate, route and print the same content. Document solutions include all of the consulting services required to architect and implement an all-encompassing platform for capturing and indexing knowledge in your workflow.

Hosted Cloud Technology

Mobile devices recently became the largest user of internet services. Google now ranks mobile use ahead of desktop use when indexing the world’s content. As part of a document solution, the platform must include phones, tablets, and thin clients such as Chromebooks. The world is changing, and so are we. Our technology is leading the office revolution by integrating directly into Microsoft® Office 365™ and Google Cloud Print and Google Drive. On the surface, this may seem like a small step, but under the first layer of coolness is a movement to shift hardware and computing resources out of the workplace an into a hosted environment. Imagine not buying, maintaining, or troubleshooting your own business server again. Imaging not buying, maintaining, or troubleshooting an operating system or application on your desktop.

Mobile Technology

Mobile technology such as smartphones and tablets have been an afterthought in the office until recently. Printing from, and scanning to mobile devices often required a dedicated application and was an extra step in the process. With standard features such as AirPrint and Mopria this technology is now integrated directly into the workflow of the office and provides a fast and simple method for printing and scanning.

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