Where to Buy Cheap Ink

If you are searching for where to buy cheap ink… you may have an issue. As most people learn after the fact, the real cost of printing is not in the purchase of the hardware but often hidden in the cost of the ink. We see this often in small offices or environments where everyone feels entitled to a print device on every desktop. We are not saying it is wrong to have your own printer, but we do challenge business owners to take a long look at cost versus convenience and go with a blended approach to distributing workgroup devices throughout an organization.

Big Printers are Too Expensive

We also hear a lot of pushback from buyers when we first explain the cost of ink versus investing in commercial hardware with a lower operating cost. It surprises most business owners to learn that leasing printing hardware can be very affordable and often cost much less than buying ink on a monthly basis.

If it Breaks We Can Throw it Away

With such a low hardware cost of most ink devices, many people falsely believe that throwing away a bad printer and buying a new one on a regular basis provides long-term savings. The opposite is actually true when you consider full-service coverage plans of commercial devices include all parts, supplies, labor, and even a FREE replacement if we cannot repair your current device. At Texas Document Solutions we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all devices under coverage with our certified technical staff.

Time is Money

I know we have all heard this more times than we care to think about, but it continues to be as true today as it was the first time we heard it; time is money. Researching (like Googling “where to buy cheap ink”), buying, installing and learning to operate new print devices all take time. Allowing us to provide these services included with every agreement shifts that burden onto our qualified team of experts and allows your organization to focus on the things that make your business successful; your customers.

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where to buy cheap ink