Best Color Printer | 4 Things to Know Before You Buy

The best color printer varies from office to office. Color printing is quickly becoming a requirement in today’s office. As more and more digital content becomes readily available, the need to produce high-quality color content is rapidly expanding. This article provides 4 “Good to Know” tips to help guide your next color printer purchase.

Color Critical Applications

The first and most important consideration is to understand the ability of any printer to reliably and accurately produce very specific colors. If you are designing and creating color images, you already have advanced knowledge of mixing cyan, magenta, and yellow to produce every other color of the rainbow. This is known as the CMYK (K for black) process. To help standardize the colors we use, an organization created Pantone named colors to represent what good looks like. If you want to hit exact colors, you should choose a device that is Pantone certified. In addition, as you produce longer runs and increase volumes, you also want a device that has constant calibration capabilities to maintain exact colors throughout the production run.

best color printer

Hardware Acquisition Costs

The best color printer varies based on many variables, but a very important factor is hardware costs. Color printers range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over one hundred thousand dollars. We recommend setting a budget for your production needs and choosing a device that comfortably fits within your budget. We can also provide a flexible rental program to assist with a low monthly payment and prevent a large cash outlay. Terms are also flexible and tailored to your exact company needs.

Supply Operating Costs

The best color printer for your company may also depend on the number of pages you plan to produce each month. Ink and toner costs tend to be less expensive on larger devices, but this is not always true. We recommend looking carefully at the replacement cost for all consumable items and making this part of the overall purchase or rental decision. We provide a comprehensive analysis of your business needs and forecast monthly total operating costs as part of our consultative sales process.

Ongoing Services and Support

The best color printer is only as good as the best local service provider. All hardware will eventually require preventative maintenance or unexpected repairs. Choosing a local vendor with highly certified technicians, with high levels of parts on hand, and proper staffing to respond quickly to your needs is as important as choosing the right device. When you have the right device, with the right partner, you are headed in the right direction.

Best Color Printer – Summary

In conclusion, do your homework, take your time, and choose a device that meets your specific business needs. Contact us to learn more about our consultative sales approach!

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