The MX-7090N and MX-8090N are perfect for in-house light production color or monochrome runs. It blends a unique balance of walk-up friendliness with on-demand full-bleed booklet making capabilities.


What is Full-Bleed?

Full-bleed printing is color going all the way to the edge of the paper. Professional printers use 12×18 paper and then trim the white border off the pages to create the professional look of a magazine cover or brochure. Laser devices require a small white border to prevent the paper from clinging to drums and transfer belts during the electrostatic imaging process. On the sides of the page, printing to the edge has caused cleaning issues in the past. All devices suffer from this limitation… until now!

How do you Trim the Edges?

Automated trimming with color laser devices is not a new feature. There are many options available to trim the sides and trailing edge of booklets. The cost of online trimming adds a significant investment to all other devices. A fully configured color device with automated trimming are often over $100,000. This cost barrier has prevented full-bleed production in most businesses, and outsourcing has been a large expense.

What’s New?

What is new is the ability to create finished full-bleed brochures directly onto 11×17 paper with the Sharp MX-7090N and MX-8090N. Why is this important?

First, the additional cost of 12×18 paper is significant. 12×18 is not a common size that is mass-produced. When you cut larger sheets of paper into smaller sizes there are cost benefits if you can reduce waste. 11×17 and 8½x11 create minimum waste. This transfers into significant cost savings.

Second, Sharp has a unique system to print to the outer edge of the 11″ wide page eliminating the need for an expensive side trimmer. In addition, the trailing edge trimmer is very affordable. For the cost of your last office copier with booklet making capabilities, you can now produce full-bleed professional looking booklets, magazines, and marketing materials right from your desktop!

Additional Advantages

Finally, imagine a life where you can proof, produce, and distribute a professional looking brochure in minutes! No more outsourcing. No more waiting on proofs. No more mistakes. No more large runs to get the best pricing. No more waste due to changes or updates. Print what you need – when you need them.

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