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Typing Printer Sales into a search engine will return a long list of results, but how do you choose the best brand, the best features, and the best value for your organization? This blog simplifies the search process and provides useful tools to help narrow the search for the perfect printer.

What’s in a Name – Four Functions of Printers

Printers come in many shapes and sizes and have many different names. Do you need single-function device, a multi-function device (MFD), a multi-function printer (MFP), or a stand-alone fax or copier? The simple truth is that it doesn’t matter what you call the device, it matters what features you plan to use. Most devices can perform four basic functions: (1) scan an original into an electronic file, (2) print an electronic file onto paper, (3) copy (scan a paper document and then print it onto paper), and (4) fax (scan a document and transmit it or receive it electronically to another fax device).

You want to choose a device with the features you require, but not include extra features (and cost) for features you may never use. If you are not using the device for copying, scanning, or faxing a simple single function print device will be sufficient.

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Color Scanning versus Color Printing

While all color copiers must have color scanning, there is a recent twist in the industry where monochrome black printing devices now offer color scanning capabilities. The advantage of color scanning of a monochrome device is the ability to scan and send color documents without incurring the added cost of color printing. Color printing, on average, cost four times more than black printing due to the added expense of the colored toners and inks. As an extra bonus, most manufacturers offer single pass dual scan options to make scanning faster, more reliable, and better than ever before. Think carefully about how you plan to use the device for scanning before making a final decision!

Consulting Services

Texas Document Solutions provides office technology consulting & financial services for all major brands including Canon, Sharp, Copystar, Ricoh, Konica, Kyocera, Toshiba, Xerox, HP, Lexmark, Brother, Savin, and Gestetner. Feel free to reach out to one of our technology consultants to help in the purchase of your next printer. Based on your needs, we may recommend a quick trip to Staples for a Brother MFD, or we may recommend a full-bleed color production device. You never know until you take the time to do the research and explore the needs! We have local sales and service in Austin, Bryan – College Station, Fort Worth, Lufkin, San Antonio, Tyler – Longview, and Waco to best serve our customers.

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