Office Store Near Me | 3 Things to Know Before Buying your Next Copier-Printer-Scanner-Fax

There are 3 important questions everyone should ask before buying their next copier-printer-scanner-fax from a retail store. In this blog, we explore practical advice for each topic and help you understand the cost-benefits of buying retail devices from an “Office Store Near Me” versus renting commercial office equipment from a local value-added services provider.

 1. How Many Pages do you Produce? | Ongoing Operating Costs

The number of pages required each month is a key indicator of the need for commercial equipment versus using a small desktop device. While commercial devices offer other inherent features and productivity advantages (see details of Sharp Advanced Series), the main difference is the operating costs of the consumables (toner, drums, fuser kits). It only takes about 500 pages per month to justify the rent payment of commercial equipment.

2. How Much Does the Hardware Cost? | Capital Investment

In addition to the ongoing operating costs, there is also a need to consider the capital investment in retails devices versus the convenience of a Flex Rental program. The Flex Rental allows companies to spread the cost of the hardware out over the life of the device. In most cases, the monthly operating costs, when combined with the savings listed above, add up to a substantial reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership. Monthly operating costs may also be tax deductible based on your organization’s tax structure. Most local providers also include delivery, setup, networking, and training as value-added services.

3. Who do you Call When Things Don’t Work? | Ongoing Services

Finally, and very important to most customers, who do you call when technology stops working? With a retail device, manufacturers provide a toll-free phone number and offer basic troubleshooting assistance. In most cases, this will not resolve serious issues. With the complexity of network scanning, network printing, and other hardware related service issues, selecting a local technology partner that responds quickly, with professional on-site services, is the difference between a bad day and a great customer service experience. Choosing a partner that has your best interest in mind is a great first step towards true happiness. Learn more about choosing a partner!

Conclusion | Office Store Near Me

In conclusions, before you Google “Office Store Near Me”, and go purchase your next copier-printer-scanner-fax at a retail store, Contact Us to learn more about our affordable solutions that come with award-winning services. At Texas Document Solutions, “You’re in Charge” is more than a slogan, it is a process that puts you in control of choosing the best technology to meet your ever-changing needs.

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