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Choosing a copier or printer Rental Near Me. I have written about this subject before, but I think it may be time to refresh the blog and talk about a few industry trends that are affecting customers and buyers today more than ever before. In this blog, we will review acquisitions and consolidation in our channel and important criteria for choosing a local technology partner.

Channel Consolidation – Local Dealers being Acquired

While this topic is certainly not new, there is an interesting twist on the rate of consolidation and the immediate results on local customer satisfaction. In the past, there were a couple of large companies that had a desire to be nationwide to compete with Xerox for major account business. This created a buying frenzy in our channel throughout the 90’s that created two large corporations that ultimately took local companies and consolidated them into a nationwide technology provider. Without naming names or saying anything bad about the results… let’s just jump to the end of that chapter and say both companies are no longer in existence two decades later and they left a mountain of unhappy customers in the wake.

What’s different today is we have direct manufacturers, regional players, and speculative investors all competing to be the exit strategy for the owners who in most cases have invested their entire life and reputation into growing a  local technology company. These businesses are built on a foundation of trust and ethics that are directly related to the business owners and their community involvement. In most cases, the entrepreneur was born and raised in the community and has strong ties to decades of public service.

Customer Focused – Customer Satisfaction

The local independent dealers, with decades of success, are disappearing throughout Main Street USA. You can think of this in the same way Wal Mart replaced the local hardware store and your favorite hospital changed the signs out front and consolidated with a big regional medical center. In most cases, what gets left behind is the local relationship that actually created the success of the organization. I don’t blame the local entrepreneurs for “taking their money off the table” when they reach retirement age, but I do blame the large companies for saying things like “nothing will change” or “we have the buying power to deliver better value” to the customers who did not choose to change. While change can be a very positive experience, it is more important than ever to read the fine print. Local business owners build long-term value, investment banks and regional growth companies are looking to fuel growth at any cost.

How To Find A Copier or Printer Rental Near Me

If you are in the market to purchase, lease, rent, or upgrade the copier and printer technology in your business, make sure you ask the providers if they are able to provide the level of customer satisfaction you have grown to expect with your local providers. When you start hearing key phrases like centralized phones, regional inventory, and executive management… you may want to consider reaching out to a locally owned and locally managed partner. We understand there are some situations where companies require a nationwide technology solution, but for local companies partnering with a local technology provider just makes good business sense for themselves and the community.

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