Xerox – What’s in a Name?

Xerox is a word we hear every day around the office, but what’s in a name? This blog examines the history of the photocopier and offers a few tips for choosing new technology.

Xerox – Why do we Say Xerox When we Need a Copy or Print?

According to Wikipedia… A physicist named Chester Carlson invented a process in 1938 for printing images using a charged coated metal plate and dry toner. However, it took another 20 years of testing and perfecting before the first machines that made copies were commercialized. A lot has changed since the beginning. Chester called this the xerographic process; hence the name Xerox. As the first provider of this technology, the company name became synonymous with the process of making copies.

Choices in Xerographic Manufacturers Today

Today there are multiple manufacturers of quality laser printing devices. Sharp, Canon, Ricoh, HP, and Konica are just a few of the top players in this market. While there are subtle differences between brands, choosing the best technology is really more about forming a long-term business partnership to ensure integration and ongoing services are provided in combination with a large capital investment in technology. I often tell people, choosing a brand first would be a lot like choosing an automobile that does not have a local dealer to support the ongoing needs of the customer. BMW makes a wonderful vehicle, but if your closest dealer is three hours away it makes very little sense to own one in your neighborhood. You can locate a local dealer by using this handy list!

Choosing a Quality Local Service Provider

When choosing a local “Xerox” provider, ask other businesses for references. In most markets, throughout the United States, there are a handful of dealers providing exceptional customer service. The dealers at the top are proud of there local reputation and make an effort to resolve any issues in a professional and timely manner. Do not assume because a dealer is “authorized” that they provide a high-quality service experience. Always talk to several references and make sure they are in your area and have been using the same provider for an extended period of time.

Contact Us – Choosing a New “Xerox”

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