Scan to Dropbox – Sharp MX Copiers

Scan to Dropbox is a frequently requested feature with the new Sharp MX Copier series. Cloud services are all around us. If you use a hosted email service, such as Gmail, you are a customer and consumer of cloud services. If you are printing from Google Cloud, you are using cloud services. And yes, storing and retrieving your files with Dropbox is a great example of how hosted cloud services are making our daily lives easier.

Scanning to the Cloud – Scan to Dropbox

Scanning to the cloud is only slightly different than scanning to a local server or scanning to email with a file attachment. The two main differences are the requirement to log into a remote session and transfer your files outside of your local network, and then later retrieve your files from anywhere with a public network connection, such as your favorite local coffee shop (mine is Dunkin Donuts, but that is a topic for a whole different blog).

Scan to Dropbox – Making Cloud Storage Simple

Sharp has incorporated several cloud connectors directly onto the large LCD front panel of their devices. Scanning to a cloud service is as simple as selecting the service, providing login information, and choosing a folder location. The picture below provides a glimpse into the simple Scan to Dropbox user interface and the friendly menu system that connect every user directly to the cloud.

Scan to Dropbox

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For more information about Scan to Dropbox, and other popular cloud connectors, please contact us today! We offer a wide range of consulting and integration services to make the transition to Sharp seamless and satisfying. We support most of Texas with 7 locations throughout North, East, Central, and South Texas. We cover a large area with local offices to provide the highest level of service after the sale.

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