Sharp MX-B355W MX-B455W | Best Choice For Small Office / Small Workgroup

Sharp MX-B355W MX-B455W

What makes the Sharp MX-B355W MX-B455W the best choice for small offices and workgroups? With so many devices on the market today with similar features, there is something unique about this product. Find more details in this quick summary of the key features and benefits. The device starts out as a small desktop MFP and can grow into a full-featured workgroup workhorse. Options include additional paper sources and all of the scanning workflows you demand in your office and workgroup.

Sharp MX-B355W MX-B455W – Brochure

Sharp MX-B355W MX-B455W – Design

Designed with integrated workflow in mind, and limited service required, this machine easily integrates with multi-user small workgroup environments. These reliable and compact all-in-one printers produce high-quality images while remaining very user-friendly. This device is part of Sharp’s 4th Generation line of multifunction printers. It presents a perfect solution for workplace environments that require an efficient workgroup device.

SIngle-Pass Duplex Scanning

The Sharp MX-B455W multifunction printer comes standard with a 100 sheet single-pass duplex scanner for scanning speeds up to 110 images per minute (ipm); thereby increasing reliability and reducing scanning related issues associated with reversing technologies available in most competitor’s devices.

Large Touch Panel – Intuitive User Interface

This unit features a large 7″ user interface with smartphone-like operations. The Sharp MX-B355W MX-B455W models give workplace environments a reliable and easy-to-maintain device delivering quality output and many impressive features, whether used as a stand-alone printer, copier, fax, scanner or as part of an entire fleet of devices.


Designed for sustainability, the Sharp MX Advanced Series of multifunction printers help multi-user office environments save on cost while reducing waste and energy consumption. The Sharp MX-B355W MX-B455W minimize waste with default two-sided printing and standard Serverless Print Release feature enabling users to securely print a job and then release if from up to six Sharp document system on the same network. No more forgotten or wasted print jobs! Contact Us today to learn more!